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Drew School

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Discover What High School Should Be

Shouldn’t high school academics challenge you but not crush you?

Shouldn’t high school be a time to connect what you learn to the real world?

Shouldn’t high school help you discover your sense of purpose?

Shouldn’t high school be a place where you can feel safe, supported and empowered in an environment that celebrates your individuality?

We certainly think so.

Drew. What High School Should Be.


View Admissions Process

Our application and application process will officially launch on August 15, 2022, on Ravenna with the deadline to formally apply by January 12, 2023. 

The first wave of event registration will open up on August 24th, 2022 with a second wave opening up on September 14th, 2022 on Ravenna.

Learning At Drew

Learning Is Understanding.

Learning at Drew is all about understanding; not just the memorization of information for the sake of passing an exam.

It is our belief that information delivered to a student that doesn’t seem to have relevance in the life of that student becomes quickly forgotten.

Building Competencies For A New World.

“It would be much better for the country to have students focusing on high school courses that, based on evidence, will prepare them well for college but also prepare them well for the real world beyond college instead of spending enormous amounts of time trying to game the SAT.”- William Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Harvard.

21st Century Curricular Innovations.

In order to best serve the needs of our students and address the global, societal, and cultural changes they need to be prepared for, Drew has also been evolving in new and exciting ways. 

Why We Love Drew School

Stewart J. '20 - Tufts University

“Finding my passions at Drew felt liberating because, as I said before, when I entered Drew, I had passions that were kind of projected onto me, passions that were kind of endowed to me by my parents or by my friends and that I grew to love from there. When I developed passions at Drew for philosophy, for instance, for badminton, for basketball, for history, I developed those passions because of my own authentic organic interest in those subjects, in those activities. So developing passions at Drew felt liberating because I felt that I was actually living a life that I wanted to, and not one that was just kind of given to me.”

Carolina L. '20 - Skidmore College

“Throughout my time in the Performing Arts Department, I received incredible mentorship from both my older peers and my teachers. That's something that I really valued about Drew, especially because the small class sizes really helped me get to know everyone, and I was able to learn from people in all grade levels, which was super helpful.”

Carolina A. '20 - Claremont McKenna College

“I was able to fully immerse myself in my learning through our electives and through DEALL because it was no longer just the curriculum in the class and taking tests and finals. It was really expanding that learning outside of the classroom, being able to engage not only through a test or an essay, but really in a much more hands-on way, whether that was in San Francisco or in the Mojave desert or wherever it may be. I was really able to expand my learning beyond the classroom.”

Parent of 9th Grade Student

“My daughter could not be happier at Drew! She absolutely loves her teachers, feels engaged (even in this online format), is already making friends whom she studies with on the phone, and is excited and happy about school every day. I am thrilled for her that she is clearly exactly where she should be!"

Schedule a 1:1 with the Admissions Team

We're Here For You!

Our admissions team is eager to connect with you via Zoom or a phone call to answer any questions you may have about Drew School. Perhaps you are eager to learn more about our Experiential Education Program, Athletics, or need counsel on the process itself, whatever it may be we're here for you! 

Joanna Lovett - Director of Admissions (back from maternity leave!)

Andrea Richerson - Associate Director of Admissions, Operations

Michael Shin - Assistant Director of Admissions, Outreach